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a. Describe the existing system ind icating particularly the type, capacity, condition,
present flow, and unsatisfactory elements. Address the adequacy of the down stream
sewers for capacity and of the pumping station to prevent overflows including alarms,
power, and assumed response time b y the base operations staff.
b. Describe the degree of treatment and each of the unit processes proposed. Address
the operational requirement related to the selected type of treatment.
c. State design factors with present and projected design populati on loads for sewage
treatment plants. For projects geographically located within the Continental United
States, coordinate with the PM for special meetings and submissions to the State
Regulatory Agencies.
d. State materials to be used for sewer systems and sewage treatment plants.
e. Identify standards (Federal, State, local) governing the design.
f. Describe the impact of steam condensation and cooling water discharges on
existing sewer piping and sewage treatment plants and the estimated cost of d istribution
and treatment of this additional loading. Analyze the discharge alternatives for industrial
wastewater related to a direct discharge, no discharge or a discharge to the sanitary.
Provide a cost based solution considering applicable environmen tal regulations.
a. State general soil conditions, with a brief outline of soil exploration and testing
b. Describe the type and volume of traffic, controlling wheel loads and types or
classes of roads under consideration with justification for any deviation from criteria
thicknesses for these classes.
c. Evaluate existing pavement conditions for reuse. Indicate residual structural
valves for each differing pavement.
d. Note condition of adjacent drainage features.
a. The relative economies of rigid and flexible paving are constantly changing with
the improvement of design features and construction techniques and with the
development of new products. These factors are of significant importance in both new
pavement construction and in the rehabilitation of existing pavements. All projects
require careful study and evaluation of the in -place materials and the proposed


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