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a. Each A&E contract sha ll contain system safety requirements and information,
presented in the contract as follows:
(1) The System Safety and Hazard Analysis paragraph of the A&E's appendix A,
indicating safety concerns and project requirements.
(2) LANTDIV Form 5100/12, Preliminary Hazard List (PHL) and Risk
Assessment Code Validation, will be included as an Appendix A attachment if available.
(3) If the project has been determined to represent a critical or serious safety risk,
(Risk Assessment Code 1 or 2), a Prelimin ary Hazard Analysis will be included as an
Appendix A attachment and a Requirements Hazard Analysis (RHA) must be provided as
part of the design submittal. LANTNAVFACENGCOMINST 5100.13_ (latest edition)
defines RHA requirements.
b. Take the following ac tion:
(1) Review the system safety requirements presented and determine the extent of
their applicability to the project.
(2) Research safety criteria requirements for the indicated hazards.
(3) Document compliance with safety requirements and pro vide a summary of
intended or actual compliance actions.
(4) Ensure that the final plans/specifications for the project adequately address all
safety items.
(5) If a Risk Assessment Code of 1 or 2 has been assigned to the project, request a
copy of LANTNAVFACENGCOMINST 5100.13_ (latest edition), Execution of Facility
System Safety, and include the preparation of an RHA in the design effort. The services
of a system safety consultant may be necessary to produce this document.
a. Interior distribution systems.
(1) Electrical characteristics (phase, voltage, and number of conductors).
(2) Breakdown, by category, of the estimated connected loads, demand factors
and demand loads for each category, total dem and load, diversity factor, and total
diversified demand load. Load categories shall include the following:


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