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b. Exterior distribution systems
(1) Contact the PM for location and characteristics of nearest electrical power
source capable of supplying project requirements. Do not contact local utility companies.
(2) Statement relative to the adequacy of the primary po wer source at the point of
pick-up. If primary source is inadequate, state measures proposed to correct the
(3) Electrical characteristics of power source, including circuit interrupting
requirements and voltage regulation.
(4) Estimate of total connected load and resulting kilowatt demand load by
applying proper demand and diversity factors, if a group of loads is involved.
(5) Basis for selection of primary and/or secondary distribution voltage.
(6) Type of conductor material, such as copper or aluminum, and where proposed
to use. Type of insulation for cable systems.
(7) A statement describing pertinent standards of design, such as voltage drop,
physical characteristics of overhead or underground circuits, type of lighting u nits and
lighting intensities.
(8) Manhole design calculations as applicable.
(9) Type and adequacy of signal and fire alarm systems, including a statement as
to spare capacity on fire alarm circuit. For fire alarm assistance, contact the PM. The
importance of early resolution of the fire protection requirements cannot be over
(10) Type, adequacy and routing of supporting structure(s) for telecommunication
cable. Exterior cabling for systems owned and operated by the Government shall be
provided by the construction contract (type and size of cable to be obtained from APTS
officer. Procurement of exterior cabling for other than Government -owned and operated
systems shall be accomplished by the APTS officer.
a. For system engineering concepts, describe the proposed type of system, its
functions and the interrelationships if the system is a multi -use system (i.e., security,
EMCS, etc.; see items (1) and (2) below).
b. Indicate circuit requirements.


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