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c. Indi cate equipment selection in such categories as: Government -furnished
equipment; standard manufacturer or commercially available items; and special
equipment requiring developmental, research; or breadboard methods to meet the
d. Describe si te or location considerations.
e. Identify required radio path and propagation.
f. Define antenna requirements such as types, separation, tower heights, aircraft
clearance, and area requirements.
g. Describe antenna transmission lines, terminations, and switchings.
h. Identify azimuth coverage of radar installations.
i. Describe bonding and grounding requirements.
j. Describe communication and control cables and radio links.
k. Identify test equipment, repair shop, and spare parts storage requ irements.
l. Describe equipment, instrumentation, arrangement, and space requirements
indicating requirements for racks, consoles, and individual mountings. Provide the most
economical design in first cost, operation and maintenance costs, and operating
conditions conforming to best engineering concepts.
m. Identify wiring and cabling requirements plus terminations.
n. Identify power and lighting requirements, including emergency or standby
o. Describe air conditioning, including humi dity and dust -control requirements.
p. Identify interference and clearance requirements.
q. State security requirements (including tempest and red/black criteria).
(1) Security/Entry Control System: Site-specific physical security requirements
are to be obtained from the Claimant/User, various Navy, DOD and other Security
Criteria. The objective is to identify early in the concept analysis those physical security
requirements resulting from local unique environment, conditions, operations, and
miss io n of the facility so they can be fully and properly incorporated into the facility
design. Refer to MIL-HDBK-1013/1 and DM 13.02_ (latest edition) for further


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