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(2) Identify separately from the other project elements the requirements for
Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS). Any of the following items and their interconnecting
circuits may be considered part of an IDS:
Annunciation Panels and Cabinets
Visual and Audible Annunciators
Magnetic Switches
Proximity (capacitance) Sensors
Volumetric Sensors (passive infrared, microwave, and ultrasonic)
Wire Grids
Vibration Detectors
Power Supplies Integral to Items on this list
Closed Circuit Television Cameras and Monitors, and Video Recorders used for
intrusion detection purposes
Access Control Systems
(3) IDS installation can be divided into five general functional categories:
(a) Navy MCON funded projects
(b) Nuclear ordnance storage sites
(c) Conventional arms, ammunition, and explosives storage sites (A&E)
(d) Marine Corps funded projects
(e) All other special projects and non -MCON funded projects
Planning, design and installation of IDS categories (a), (b), and (c) are the
responsibility of the Naval Investigative Service Command (NISCOM). A&E shall
coordinate IDS power requirements and conduit runs for IDS categories (a), (b), and (c)
with the appropriate contacts within NISCOM.
Category (e) projects are planned and designed by the A&E utilizing commercial
systems for installation by the construction contractor. Identify areas requiring IDS and
types of systems and sensors proposed. For category (d) projects, consult PM for
guidance to determine if IDS will be A&E designed.
Describe access control equipment (versus IDS) when required and outline lo cation,
function, and area of control and clearly show where access control and IDS are integral
to one another.
(4) Energy Monitoring and Control Systems (EMCS). Military installations
where an EMCS is in existence or proposed, new construction projec ts shall meet the
following requirements. Contact the PM to obtain guidance for EMCS interfacing.


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