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FX Fire extin guishing equipment
PC Plumbing - domestic water, sanitary & storm drainage, fixtures
PD Plumbing demolition
PP Plumbing piping, valves, tanks, & pumps
PS Plumbing site plans
MD Mechanical details
MH Mechanical HVAC
MP Mechanical piping
MS Mechanical site plans
ED Electrical details
EL Electrical lighting
EP Electrical power
ES Electrical site plans
ET Electrical telecommunications, telephone, network, voice, data cables
EY Electrical alar ms & security
TA Telecommunications audiovisual
TC Telecommunications clock, generators & bell programs
TI Telecommunications intercom & PA systems
TM Telecommunications monitoring & alarm systems
TN Telecommunicatio ns data network cabling & equipment
TT Telecommunications telephone
TY Telecommunications security, access control & alarm systems
Resource data furnished without warranty as to accuracy
Other disciplines
Contractor/Shop drawings
Drawings should be consistent in presentation and format. If your discipline shows
written notes and material directly on phases, sections and details, then other disciplines
shall conform to that presentation format, and not use numbers to refer to a numeri cal
legend elsewhere on the drawing.
LANTDIV and Cherry Point has adopted Tri -Service Standards'standard drawing
sheet and border that was developed to accommodate plotting to ANSI D/ISO A1 size
paper. The resulting sheet s ize is 33" X 22" which provides a " clearance on the top,
bottom, and right sides, and 1.5" on the left side. The vertical title block is 2" wide,
resulting in a drawing area of 28.75" X 20.5". All AutoCAD drawings will be created at
a scale of 1:1 in m odel space using AutoCAD 2002 and each individual drawing file will
be BOUND together so as to combine all entities used to create that drawing into ONE
electronic .DWG file. There will be no XREF' , unusual fonts, or other non -standard
deviations used.


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