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The ROMAND.SHX or SWISSB.TTF font file shall be used for all " (6mm) text.
The SWISSB.TTF or SWISSBO.TTF font file shall be used for all text larger than "
Located directly under the title of each plan, elevation, section, detail, etc., shall be an
indication of the scale of the object drawn. (Example: Scale 1/8" = 1' -0"). Closely
related groups of details having identical scales and tied together with a common title
may receive a single indication of scale under their title.
In addition to the conventional scales, and directly to the left of the title block, shall
be a series of graphic scales that will include every scale used on the sheet. Scales shall
be placed in sequence according to size with the smallest uppermost. It is not sufficient
to place all scales on one master sheet; each sheet must be treated independent ly as many
drawings are reduced in size and not always in even -scaled proportions. For these
reasons it is imperative that graphic scales be shown. Do not use architectural scales on
site plans.
The standard section symbol will be as follows:
Letter indicates elevation
Number indicates section
or detail
Sheet number where elevation,
section or detail is taken.
Sheet number where
elevation, section or
detail is drawn.
Additional sheet references A1,
Elevation, Section & Detail Symbol
Note: Symbol should always appear as
part of the title, placed under the view.
The Procurement Instrument Identification Number System (PIIN System) consists of
13 alphanumeric characters. An example of the PIIN number is N62470 -03-B-4001.
Applying the appropriate procedural derivation, the specification number is 05 -03-4001.
The construction contract PIIN number and associated specification number are assigned
when 35% review submission is returned to the A&E. At the 35% review, full size


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