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h. Minimize the use of cross -references and in NO case use paragraph numbers for
this purp ose. If necessary to refer to a particular paragraph, do so by its title and the
section number and title under which it is to be found. Cross -references of the following
type are totally unnecessary - "Painting of the wood work is covered under "'Painti ng'" or
"painting is specified hereinafter".
i. Do NOT place upon the contractor the responsibility for the possible inaccuracy of,
or the lack of, information on the part of the Government; e.g., never use sentences
similar to "although the drawings in dicate approximately the conditions that are likely to
be found, bidders should satisfy themselves as to the actual conditions, for while they are
believed to be shown, the Government does not guarantee the accuracy of the information
given and the bidder shall assume all responsibility in the use of such". Remember that
the Government is responsible for the accuracy and sufficiency of the information it gives
to bidders or contractors and the A&E is in turn responsible to the Government for that
same inf ormation. It will be necessary to establish in the project specification a definite
basis of bid. For example, on a roof rehabilitation project where the extent of defective
construction is unknown, the specification shall set forth, as a basis of bid, a definite
amount of work to be performed and provide for adjustment per the Contract Clauses if
the extent of work varies from the amount stated under the basis of bid.
j. Do not include warranties in technical sections unless they are for more than one
year, and generally not unless they are included in the NAVFAC guide specification. A
one-year warranty is covered in the Contract Clauses.
k. Do NOT set up a paragraph in the various sections entitled "Work not Included".
Specify the work that is incl uded under the respective sections.
l. Specifications should clearly delineate equipment, ducts and piping systems that are
required to be insulated. The phrase "insulating all ducts except in conditioned spaces"
has resulted in differences of opinion a nd claim situations; also all duct systems should be
appropriately designated as supply, exhaust, fresh air intake, or return to further clarify
insulating requirements.
a. Do NOT use the phrase "Correct any defects" instead use th e phrase "Correct all
b. Do NOT use the phrase "Paint sheet metal on either side" instead use the phrase
"Paint sheet metal on both sides." Either implies a choice.
c. Do NOT use the phrase "It shall be free from defects of workmanship and material
which would impair its strength or durability." The use of "or" for "and" or "and" for
"or" in this sentence would result in a meaning not intended.


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