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01770 Closeout Procedures
01781 Operation and Maintenance Data
Division 2 - Site Work
Section 02220 Site Demolitio n:
Remove existing partitions, doors, plumbing fixtures and lighting fixtures
as indicated.
02315 Excavation and Fill:
Excavating, back filling, and compacting for buildings and utilities.
Grading for grass areas.
02361 Soil Treatment f or Subterranean Termite Control:
Treatment for building.
02510 Water Distribution:
Buried water-piping service to building 5 -foot line.
02530 Exterior Sanitary Sewer System:
Sanitary gravity sewer service to buildings 5 -foot line.
02554 Exterior Aboveground Steam Distribution System:
Above ground piping, buried pre -insulated piping, and manholes.
02556 Exterior Buried Pumped Condensate Return System:
Buried preinsulated piping and manholes.
02921 Turf:
Seeding fertiliz ing all newly graded finish earth surfaces and other areas
disturbed by site operations.
Division 3 - Concrete
Section 03300 Cast-in-Place Concrete:
Spread footings, slab on grade, walks, and equipment pads.
Division 4 - Masonry
Section 04200 Unit Masonry:
Face brick and concrete masonry unit (CMU) cavity walls, CMU
Division 5 - Metals
Section 05310 Steel Decks:


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