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15400 Plumbing:
DMV piping, domestic water piping, flush valve water closets, and
counter top lavatories.
15730 Unitary Air Conditioning Equipment:
Roof top air conditioning unit with steam heating coil and direc t
expansion cooling coil, galvanized steel ductwork.
Division 16 - Electrical
Section 16050 Basic Electrical Materials and Methods:
16273 Pad Mounted Transformers:
Pad mounted transformers and metering.
16302 Underground Electrical Work:
Plastic duct, concrete encased; manholes and handholes; high -voltage
16360 Low-Voltage Switchgear and Secondary Unit Substations:
16402 Interior Wiring Systems:
Copper conductors in rigid steel conduit, except where electric metallic
tubing i s permitted; panel boards.
16510 Interior Lighting:
Fluorescent fixtures, two lamp and four lamp, surface mounted; high
pressure sodium fixtures; emergency lighting.
16520 Exterior Lighting:
High-pressure sodium fixtures; low -pressure sodium fixtures; fiberglass,
concrete, steel, aluminum and wood poles.
b. Pre-final submittal (complete specification). Specifications for the pre -final
submission shall be complete to the best of the A&E's knowledge, with all elements
thoroughly checked & coordinated with the drawings, and with sufficient detailed
information to permit accurate bidding & construction of the project. Particular emphasis
shall be placed on coordination of the various elements of the specification where
portions are prepared und er subcontract to the A&E contract. Specifications shall be
prepared using the current version of SPECSINTACT software. Do NOT translate
specifications to another software. For the pre-final submittal of the specification,
NAVFACENGCOM guide specificati ons shall be edited and photographic copies
submitted for review. Editing will be accomplished electronically using the current
version of SPECSINTACT software and then reproducing copies of the printouts.
Additional specifications not covered by NAVFACE NGCOM guide specifications shall
be typed in SPECSINTACT format and submitted for review. All specifications shall be
bound in one single volume.


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