Quantcast Pre-Final Design

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take-off of quantities or firm pricing of individual items of work, systems unit prices may be
used. Lump sum costs are not acceptable. Use of empirical costs shall be minimized.
Separate estimates will be prepared for each new non -identical building, structure, or
addition costing over $50,000 contract cost. Costs of alteration work to existing buildings
will not be included with the building addition costs. When one construction contract
contains more than one type of work (i.e., new construction, repair, equipment insta llation,
etc.), the estimate shall be structured such that each type of work is identified separately. In
addition to a master summary sheet, each type of work requires a separate summary sheet.
Costs from these separate summary sheets must be directly t ransferable to the master
summary sheet. When work is a combination of more than one project, the cost estimate must
be further separated per project, summarized per project, and transferred to the master
summary sheet.
Beginning with the 35% estimate, a separate line item must be included for Contract
Quality Control (CQC) projects. CQC is a contractor responsibility inspection system added
to most projects that exceed $2,000,000 in construction cost. Unless directed otherwise, allow
3% of the construction cost for CQC.
35% estimates should monitor the estimated construction cost during design. The 35%
estimate, through adjustments, should monitor the estimated construction cost until the pre -
final estimate is prepared. It is very important that if t he estimate indicates that the design
exceeds the allocated funds, the PM be contacted for instructions.
For all projects over $500,000, and for all new buildings or additions over $100,000, a
CES or comparable format estimate is required. Unique projects not readily adaptable to CES
or comparable format may be discussed with the PM. Hard copies of estimates will be
required for each submittal. The CES program or comparable format, database and User's
Guide are included on the C CB compact disc. Call the PM, if the CCB is not available.
Include the following reports (menu selections) with each submittal.
a. Input listing (sorted)
b. Summary - Yes (choose "No" for summary %)
c. Mark-up
d. Modifier
e. Detailed Estim ate with Systems Sort
f. Spec Section Summary


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