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c. If of equal or better quality, the advantages to the Government in accepting the
substitution at no change in contract price. EVALUATION OF CONSTRUCTION CONTRACTOR VALUE ENGINEERING
The purpose of a VECP is to achieve savings in cost by adjusting the de sign so as to
permit more economical methods and materials of construction and still maintain the
operational, functional and aesthetic quality of the facility. Note that a construction contractor
VECP differs from a construction contractor proposed variation or exception to the contract
documents in that a VECP must maintain at least the same level of quality as in the original
design while a proposed variation or exception could lower the quality of construction. Under
the VECP program, the contractor and Government share in the savings resulting from
acceptable proposals while a full credit (deduct) in the construction contract price is taken for
approved variations or exceptions which are of lesser quality than the original design.
In addition to the general requirements, consultation reports on A&E evaluation of VECPs
shall include the advantages and disadvantages of the VECP, and economic analysis &
justification for recommending approval or rejection of the VECP.
In order to avoid tacit delays to construction, Government processing time for VECPs is
held to 21 calendar days from the date the ROICC receives the VECP package from the
contractor. Accordingly, the A&E shall complete and forward consultation reports on VECPs
to the ROICC and PM within five (5) working days from the time of receipt. When the VECP
is of the nature that the response requires additional time, the A&E shall notify the ROICC as
to the expected date of responses.
To the extent negotiated in the design contract or task order, checking of shop
drawings/submittals is the A&E' responsibility. The A&E shall provide and use a shop
drawing approval stamp similar to the one shown in Figure 8.1 to process shop drawing
NOTE: Shop drawings/submittals shall include all submittal descriptions as listed in
Section 01300, "Submittals" of the construction contract specifications.
The construction contractor for the project has been instructed to forward to your office
for review all shop drawings, manufacturer's data, certifications and samples, except those
designated for LANTNAVFACENGCOM's approval, as follows:


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