Quantcast Operation and Maintenance Support Information (OMSI) (Option) -Cont.

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*  Utility connections and cut -off points
*  Special warranty data
* Expanded operation, maintenance and repair information for HVAC, fire
protection and roofing systems
All Military Construction Navy Projects (MCON) now require some degree of OMSI
(min imum of User Manual) with the exception of projects such as Land Acquisition, Paving
and Dredging. Projects requiring OMSI can be classified as either a Type A, B, or C. The
standard package for each type of OMSI is as follows:
(1) Operation and Maintenance Manual
(2) User Manual
Type B OMSI (Do not use if maintenance and repair information is required)
(1) Operating Manual
(2) User Manual
Type C OMSI: User Manual
The degree of OMSI required will vary with the complex ity of systems and type of
a. Facilities having complex systems such as the following would normally require a Type
Petroleum, Oil and Lubricant (POL) Transfer/Loading Facilities
Large/Complex Computer Operations Center
Training Facilities with Complex Systems
Aircraft Maintenance Shops
Missile Assembly and Maintenance Shops
Ship Maintenance Shops
Central Refrigeration Plants
Medical Facilities
Command Communication and Operation Centers
Power Plants
Heating Plants
Industrial Waste and Sewage Treatment Plants
Water Supply, Treatment and Storage, Potable
Plating Shops


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