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Rev. Date 08/20/03
8. For mapping and site plan creation of Cherry Point facilities -- All horizontal
coordinates shall be N.C. State Plane (NAD83). All vertical points shall be USGS d atum
(NGVD88). Above shall be used for all site plans unless approved otherwise.
9. Map and site plan accuracy: Horizontal (coordinate) and vertical location shall be
within 6 inches of true location, at least 90% of the time.
10. Dates of all file c reations shall be shown. Files will be virus scanned by the A&E prior to
11. Drawing formats and title blocks shall conform to Cherry Point CAD standards. PM will
provide an AutoCAD 2002 electronic file of the current D -size format sheets.
12. Large files or a large amount of data will not be compressed using ZIP or similar
routines. Compressed files will not be accepted by Cherry Point. Files will be delivered on
CD-Rs that are readable on any standard CD -ROM drive that is part of a win dows based PC
system. When burning CD -Rs, do NOT "close out" the CD. Leave it open for addition of
more project data.
13. Use the TSSDS National CAD Standards as long as they are coordinated and approved by
Government PM.
14. Data shall be Geographical Information System (GIS) ready and topologically correct.
Files shall be properly geo -referenced using Cherry Point' coordinates. For example,
polygons shall be closed - there shall be NO over-shots or under-shots where lines meet or
intersect. Curren tly, all mapping requests are produced from the Cherry Point GIS. The
MCAS Cherry Point GIS Manager can be reached at (252) 466 -4524 for further GIS
requirements or questions.
15. Upon receipt from outside sources, the PM will virus -scan ALL CDs/files u sing
commercial anti -virus software.


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