Quantcast CAD Lineweights Setup

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Rev. Date 08/20/03
PURPOSE: To review and assure a common understanding of the standard needed for our
AutoCAD drawings.
PROBLEM BEING SOLVED: As an AutoCAD .dwg file is converted to .PDF file, a process
needs to be established to assure line weights are carried through.
STANDARD: When starting a new AutoCAD drawing file, use the National CAD Standards
for the line weight definitions. This will allow a con version to .PDF that carries forward the
line weight (bold) that was anticipated when the drawing was drawn in AutoCAD.
The National CAD Standard states AutoCAD users assign line weights to color. Example, if a
user wants a heavy line (border line) they w ill have the color magenta set at .5mm or any thick
value. Any line used then that is magenta will be printed bold. There is a standard plot style
for this and the file is "NatCadStndMono.ctb". The whole aim of layer/color standardization
is to allow ease of communication with other professionals. A bold line created in California
should be bold when printed in North Carolina.


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