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02301 through 02315: Earthwork and Excavation. (Note: C ontaminated soils and
groundwater subject to special handling and disposal requirements.)
Borrow materials shall be provided by the Contractor from sources outside the limits of the
Air Station. Excess materials shall be disposed of outside the limits of the Air Station at the
Contractor's expense in compliance with all local applicable regulations. Local dumping
local location is Tuscarora. Contractor may be able to find a cheaper location to place clean
fill for less cost. Exception: dispose of cert ain contaminated soils using special methods
see other instructions.
Structural fills: Use locally available material that meets specification requirements. Use
flowable fill when the need for a material that is self -compacting will provide a quality
product such as a road patch. Use #57 or #467 stone for working in a wet condition where
dewatering is not practical.
02441 Trenchless Excavation
Directional drilling - use HDPE pipe or CERTA-LOK PVC AWWA C900.
02510 Water Distribution
Do not use glued joints on pipe that is 4 inch and larger.
Storm Drainage
As a rule, require as -built invert and structure elevations from the Contractor. There is no
Navy design manual. LANTDIV uses a 10 -year storm for most civil projects and rational
method. For airfield, use a 5 -year storm - reason is ponding is allowed in system as long as it
is not on pavement. See Army technical manuals TM 5 -820
1 through 4 for drainage. Minimum size pipe preferred is 18" to avoid clogging.
02711 through 02723 Base Course
Use geotextile/geogrid separator between base and subgrade where possible.
02741 through 02744 Asphalt Pavement
Use pre-edited spec section. For patches, provide special spec section and plates. Use
NCDOT 1-1 mix unless approved otherwise by the PM.


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