Quantcast Joints, Reinforcements, and Mooring Eyes

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02751 and 02752 Concrete Pavement
For forklift and truck areas, use 650 -flex mix and 8 inch min thickness with reinforcement.
02761 Pavement Markings
Use Thermoplastic for permanent long -term usage on streets and parking lots. Use acrylic
latex paint for temporary markings. On street pavements, use adhesive applied centerline
reflectors spaced 80 feet apart (normal conditions) on street pavements). Paint only with
justification and approval for short -term street markings and airfield pavements.
02762 Joints, Reinforcements, and Mooring Eyes
Mandatory - use silicone joint sealant on airfield pavements.
Materials: CRAFCO ROADSAVER Self leveling silicone joint sealant (Note that Dow
Corning 888 and 890 Silicone Joint Sealant. 888 for joints b etween concrete and 890 for
joints between asphalt and concrete has been pulled off market).  All reinforcing rods will
be ASTM A-615, Grade 60.
02785 through 02789 Asphalt Treatments
Require rolling with pneumatic rollers to enhance quality.
02821 Chain Link Fences
Use galvanized posts with galvanizing inside and outside. See AIRSTAORDER P5531.1 for
fence requirements. Confirm compliance with BEAPS.
Use pre-edited sections to suit our soil and topological conditions and the time of the ye ar.
Planting Seasons for Seed
Spring = 1 March to 31 May
Fall = 1 September to 31 October
Temporary Spring and Summer = 1 April to 15 September
Temporary Fall and Winter = 16 September to 31 March
Spring = Coastal Bermuda, 100% by wei ght (centipede could be substituted)
Fall = Coastal Bermuda, 100% by weight (centipede could be substituted)
Temporary Seeding Winter: Kobe Lespedeza
30 Percent
Secale Cereale
70 Percent
Temporary Seeding Su mmer: German Millet
60 Percent
Sericea Lespedeza
40 Percent


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