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This section defines the various items of work that may be required by the Statement of Architect/Engineer
Services Requirements (Scope of Work) as outline in the "Contract Submissions Requirements List".
Design Quality Assurance/Quality Control Program
The A/E shall submit a detailed Quality Assurance/Quality Control plan. The plan shall be specific to the project
under contract and written in a report form in accordance with Section 2.3.
Concept Submission
3.2.1 Draft Concept Submission Objective
To provide three schematic project designs which propose separate and distinct solutions for the project
requirements. In order to verify the project requirements, the A/E shall develop a program by conducting
meetings, interviews, and on-site work sessions with EFA Chesapeake, the customer, and any other necessary
activity personnel and approving authorities. A preliminary review of the Draft Concept shall be presented to the
AIC/EIC. Content
Site plan of each scheme
Floor plans at the appropriate scale indicating block plans and adjacencies. Plans shall be a direct
result of the programming effort.
Sketch elevations or perspectives of buildings
A narrative report, which contains a summary of all programming information including a table
showing gross and net area tabulations.
Description of various design features
Concept Cost Estimate prepared utilizing the Success Cost Estimating System and the parametric
cost models. Since little design has been developed, careful attention should be exercised to
insure that all major cost elements are properly considered and evaluated. The Concept Cost
Estimate shall include a system quantity and unit cost for every system in the project.


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