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schematic and riser diagrams for all HVAC air and water systems, domestic cold and hot water
systems, storm and sanitary systems including venting. For other specific mechanical
requirements, refer to paragraph 3.4.2K below.
A/E shall submit on e project from each discipline in electronic format in order to verify
compliance with EFA CHES's standard "Requirements for Computer Generated Submittals".
The Basis of Design Report, in accordance with the format indicated in Appendix II. (Note: The
revised Basis of Design Report, which incorporates all comments from this review, shall be
submitted with the next submission.)
Outline specifications, in accordance with the format described in Section 5 of this Guide. (Note:
Proprietary items of work shall not be used without prior approval by the Government.
Request for and justification of proprietary items must be included with the 35%
35% cost estimate using Success. Refer to Section 6, "Cost Estimates".
35% calculations for main building systems and major equipment as applicable
to each discipline. Mechanical and plumbing calculations shall be complete and include all
calculations necessary to justify the systems and equipment shown and intended to be in the
project. Mechanical calculations shall include; but not be limited to; indoor and outdoor design
conditions, code requirements, U-value calculation, room-by-room heat loss and heat gain
calculations, heating and cooling block loads and zone loads, psychrometric analysis of each air
handling system, and preliminary equipment selections to justify equipment shown in the drawing
and develop electrical power requirements. Plumbing calculations shall show the derivation of
domestic cold water and hot water demand, sizing of the storm and sanitary sewer systems and
similar calculations for special plumbing systems such as natural gas, medical gases, compress air,
Structural calculations shall include, as a minimum, the selection of specific
values for the various criteria parameters and the derivation of the applied loads for the Dead
load, Live Load, Snow Load, Wind Load, Seismic Load and all specialized loads to be applied to
the structure. Structural calculations shall indicate whether Wind Loads or Seismic Loads will
control the design of lateral force resisting elements.
Preliminary architectural finish board(s), two (2) copies, showing samples of proposed interior
and exterior building finishes as outlined in Appendix III.
Draft Stormwater Management and Erosion/Sediment Control reports, when required by the
project scope "Contract Submission Requirements List".
Hazardous Materials Removal Report
Fire Protection (refer to Basis of Design Report in Appendix II)
The following specific requirements shall be included in the mechanical drawings.


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