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The A/E shall submit a recommended geotechnical exploration and analysis program with detail fee breakdown,
along with the A/E fee proposal. The exploration program shall include furnishing the data necessary to prepare
storm water management plans or waiver applications when required for the project. If hazardous materials are
suspected to be on the site, provide a recommended sampling and testing program to identify these materials and
their respective location. The A/E fee proposal shall also include project review by the geotechnical engineer
providing the analysis and any recommendations for the project. At the 100% Submission, the Geotechnical
Engineer shall provide a signed and sealed certification that the foundation design and construction documents
comply with the intent of the recommendations in the Soils Report.
3.19 Topographic Survey
A survey showing all physical features, site conditions and utilities, above and below ground.
To provide the basis for depicting the existing site conditions on the project drawings.
All surface and subsurface features, including roads, trees, rock outcrops, springs, walks,
buildings, wetlands and abandoned footings, etc.
All utilities, above and below ground, identify whether active or abandoned
Existing contours
Spot elevations (on critical features only)
Datum and grid coordinate system used
Bench marks and horizontal control points, with a minimum of two vertical and two horizontal
control points established by the surveyor in accordance with supplemental guidance available
from EFA CHES AIC/EIC via Code 0425. Points shall be located outside areas to be disturbed
by the proposed construction.
The scale of the plot of the survey plans shall be such that all information is legible and clear on
the construction documents when printed at half size. Survey plot scale shall be 1" = 20' or 1:200
(Metric), unless otherwise directed by AIC/EIC at the direction of Code 0425.
Symbols and abbreviations shall comply with EFA CHES's standards to the maximum extent
possible. A copy of the standards will be made available upon request to the AIC/EIC.
The contour interval shall be chosen consistent with the existing topography and the nature of the
construction being performed.


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