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Project drawings for EFA CHES shall be prepared in conformance with MIL-HDBK-1006/1 for Content
requirements. The A/E's drawings shall conform with the "Requirements for Computer Generated
Submittals to the Engineering and Design Division" for Format. A copy is available on CCB or by clicking
on the document title.
Preparation of Project Drawings
All the project drawings shall be prepared on "D" sized (22" x 34") drawings. Copies of project drawings
submitted for the various review phases shall be reduced to half-size prints.
Interior Architectural design drawings shall be submitted with project drawings. When Supplemental Interior
Design is required, the furniture plan drawings shall also be submitted with the project drawings to ensure
coordination with all other design disciplines. The furniture plan drawings shall be marked in bold letters "For
Reference Only" in the lower right hand corner. See Appendix III for requirements.
All studies, calculations, and analyses submitted in bound form, shall be printed on 8 1/2 inches by 11 inches
paper and shall be bound in spiral or three-ring binders. Studies, calculations, and analyses may be bound in a
single binder, if tab sheets separate them. Sheets shall be consecutively numbered.
Drawing Data
4.3.1 Definitive Designs
Definitive designs are drawings developed for buildings and other structures common to various Navy (including
Marine Corps) components, e.g., child care centers, legal service offices, maintenance shops, etc., for which
there is a repetitive need in future military construction programs.
4.3.2 Standard Designs
Standard designs, both mandatory and non-mandatory, are Government designs for which existing drawings and
accompanying specifications are available. They consist of working drawings and specifications that are
intended to become part of the construction contract without modifications made to them.
Project Drawing Numbers/Title Block
A block of NAVFAC drawing numbers will be issued, upon request by the A/E, when the total number of
drawing sheets in the project documents has been established. The project title, construction contract number,
project specification number, discipline sheet number, sheet number and total sheet count, plus the particular
NAVFAC drawing number, must be placed on each drawing. Only the EFA CHES standard title block shall
be used. Graphic scales shall also be provided for all scales whether English units or Metric units are
used. Each drawing shall contain the following cautionary note: "CAUTION: EXCEPT WHERE


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