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Outline Specifications
The first specification submittal during the design development phase is an outline specification. This lists the
specifications, which are intended to be included in the final specification, and the date of issue of the guide
specification to be used.
5.5.1 SPECSINTACT Outline
SPECSINTACT prints an outline when sections are chosen from the list of Master sections. The A/E need only
add the CCB Edition number and date. This is the minimum acceptable as an Outline Specification. For a more
complete outline, with more detailed specification information, there is a document in the Navy Master section
library, which can be used to save considerable editing time. This document is named "scope.toc" and contains a
current list of all sections with a few sentences describing the section contents. This document may be brought
into the SPECSINTACT editor and edited to suit the project, leaving only the sections to be included in the
Draft Specification (60%) Submittals
5.6.1 Content of the Review Package
Identify, in a Table of Contents, all section to be included in the final package. Note those not
included in the review package.
At least 75-80% of sections shall be completed or nearly so.
A maximum of 25% of sections shall be "red-lined" guide specifications.
Print single sided.
Note SPECSINTACT will not allow printing of specification section with some part complete
and some not. A section is either complete or not in SPECSINTACT terms. Print the completed
sections separately from the incompleted ones.
100% and Final Project Specification Submittals
5.7.1 Content of the Review Package
SPECIFICATION: Print the specification using the SPECSINTACT program.
Do NOT use custom fonts or bold print, but use the standard SPECSINTACT print options.
The specification shall be submitted for review in bound form, printed either on one or both sides.
The final "bond copy" or "camera ready copy" shall be unbound and printed on one side only. If
possible, package the "bond copy" in a sturdy envelope or box to prevent damage. Include the
cover sheet, table of contents, submittals register, and any appendices with the "bond copy".


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