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5.14 Technical Sections
For assistance in editing the technical sections in Division 2 through 16 for the project, contact the appropriate
discipline in the Design Division. Include plates required by technical sections immediately following the section.
On the last page of the last technical section, include the words "--End of Specification--" at the bottom of the
5.15 Appendices to Sections
Include any appendices required by technical sections immediately following the technical section.
5.16 Bid Schedule
Bid Items
Bid items are used for the purpose of obtaining bids on separate parts of the work within the project, when it is
judged that funds available for the total scope of work may be insufficient. A bid schedule shall not include bid
items solely for the purpose of obtaining cost information.
Usable Facility to be Provided
The base bid item, i.e., "Bid Item 1", shall be so composed that an award of the base bid item provides a
functionally complete and usable facility.
Additive Bid Items
When it appears that funds available for a project may be insufficient for all the desired features of a project, the
Contracting Officer may provide in the Invitation for a base bid item covering the major portion of the work and
for one or more additive bid items. However, not more than four additive bid items may be submitted without
prior EFA CHES approval. Each additional bid item progressively adds specified features of the work in a
stated order of priority. Cost Estimates shall be prepared for each bid item.
Option Items
When it appears that funds will not be available in time for advertisement, but will be available later, use Option
Items instead of Additive Items above. The same rules apply as to the base and the order of priority.
Bid Items on Projects Drawings
Never label Bid Item 1 on the project drawings. Never label any bid items on the project drawings without prior
EFA CHES approval.
More Information
For more information regarding Bid Items, see "Bid Schedule Instructions", available from Code 04A6 through
the AIC/EIC.


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