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Phase C shall include:
1. Project drawings and specifications which are part of the construction bid
package, i.e., finish schedule, signage drawings and schedules, any plans and
elevations indicating flooring patterns or finish locations.
2. Finish display board(s). All finishes must be displayed in order to reference
color and texture. Three copies shall be submitted. Government shall retain
boards at this time unless corrections are required.
3. A/E shall present submission to customer and EFA Ches.
Phase D shall include:
Final project drawings and specifications which are part of the construction bid
package as described above in C.1.
III.2 Supplemental Interior Design
When Supplemental Interior Design services are required, the interior designer(s) shall be directly
involved in the Interior Architectural Design process as well to ensure an overall integrated
Space Planning
To provide space planning design services resulting in generic furniture floor plans.
Generic Furniture Floor Plans
The A/E shall accomplish the work in four phases and in conjunction with the progress
submissions as outlined in Section 3: A/E Contract Submission Requirements. Submissions are as
Phase A shall include:
1. Preliminary generic furniture floor plans indicating possible options in furniture
arrangements and proposed types of furniture to be used; i.e., systems,
modular and/or conventional.


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