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NAVFACENGCOM. Naval Facilities Engineering Command, Alexandria, Virginia (formerly
Bureau of Yards and Docks). Often referred to as NAVFAC.
NEEACT. U.S. Naval Electronics Engineering Activity, Yokosuka
Officer in Charge of Construction (OICC). Represents the Commander, Naval Facilities
Engineering Command, in the administration of all construction contracts.
OICC Far East (also OICC FE). Officer in Charge of Construction, Pacific Division, Naval
Facilities Engineering Command Detachment, Far East, Yokosuka, Japan.
Pacific Division, Naval Facilities Engineering Command (PACNAVFACENGCOM). Often
referred to as PACDIV; parent command of OICC Far East. Pacific Ocean geographical
Engineering Field Division (EFD) of NAVFAC.
Post Construction Award Services (PCAS). Designer provided construction support services,
including: review of shop drawings and equipment/material submittals; consultation; preparation
of record (as-built condition) drawings; preparation of aperture cards.
Project Engineering Documentation (PED). Usually approved Special Project Request: Step
II Submission (on Form NAVFAC 9-11014/64 of 11-68). For Family Housing projects, the
PED is the approved Military Construction Project Data (on DD Form 1391).
Project Design Engineer (PDE). The OICC Far East technical representative assigned to a
specific contract who is the single point of communication with the contracted A-E on all matters
concerning the A-E contract. The authority of the PDE is delegated by the Contracting Officer.
Public Works Officer (PWO). Represents the outlying customer activity on all facility related
projects.  Generally the PWO is the "requestor" of services performed by OICC FE/PWC
Yokosuka and is responsible for "scope" validation and ensuring that the functional requirements
of the project are included in the plans and specifications. Outlying activities include: U.S.
Naval Air Facility Atsugi; U.S. Naval Computers & Telecommunications Station Japan,
Kamiseya; Marine Corps Air Station Iwakuni; U.S. Fleet Activities Sasebo; U.S. Naval Air
Facility Misawa; Marine Corps Base Camp S.D. Butler, Okinawa; U.S. Fleet Activities
Chinhae, Korea.
PWC Yokosuka. U.S. Navy Public Works Center, Yokosuka, Japan.
Resident Officer in Charge of Construction (ROICC). Administers, for the OICC,
construction contracts at specified Navy and Marine Corps activities.
"Scope," "Scope of Work" or "Statement of Architect-Engineer Services." Defines the A-E
services to be performed under the specified contract. Provides: (1) the project requirements;
(2) the estimated cost of construction; (3) the schedule of submittals; (4) any special or unusual
circumstances relating to the project.


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