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Staff Civil Engineer (SCE). Represents the customer activity on all facility related projects.
Generally is the "requestor" of services performed by OICC FE/PWC Yokosuka and is
responsible for "scope" validation and ensuring that the functional requirements of the project
are included in the plans and specifications. Yokosuka activities include: Commander, Fleet
Activities Yokosuka, U.S. Naval Fleet & Industrial Supply Center; U.S. Naval Hospital; U.S.
Naval Ship Repair Facility.
1.4.1 General. The Brooks Act (P.L. 92-582, Section 902), declared that it is a policy of
Congress that "all agencies of the Federal Government select A-E's on the basis of demonstrated
competence and capability." Moreover, the Law stipulates that the selection shall be based upon
the criteria published in the public announcement of the intended procurement.
Following selection of the most qualified firm, the Law requires the negotiation of a contract
for the architectural and engineering services at a price or compensation that is "fair and
reasonable to the Government."
1.4.2 Pre-Negotiation. Prior to preparation of the fee proposal, if it is convenient to do so,
the A-E is urged to conduct a plans review and an on-site visit to thoroughly familiarize himself
with the existing site conditions.
Prior to negotiations, the A-E is invited to arrange for a pre-negotiation conference with the
Contracting Officer (OICC FE Code 02). Upon his/her discretion, the Contracting Officer may
ask the PDE to attend the meeting and assist in discussing, clarifying and suggesting or
confirming modifications to the scope of A-E services.
It should be noted that all effort expended by the A-E prior to contract award is soley for the
A-E's convenience and is at his own expense.
An A-E contract awarded by OICC FE will usually include three types of services--Design,
Engineering and Post Construction Award Services. The required services may include any
discipline from the entire spectrum of disciplines in the field of engineering. A description of
the three types of services is as follows.
1.5.1 Design Services include the preparation of plans and specifications (to be used in a
construction contract) and the cost estimate (of the labor, materials, equipment, etc., required
to construct the project).


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