Quantcast A-E Design Performance Awards

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1.6.3 Small Purchase Contracts are defined to be contracts in which the acquisition amount
does not exceed $25,000.  Award of Small Purchase A-E Contracts follow simplified
procedures, in accordance with FAR 36.6, which in turn, implements the provisions of the
Brooks Act.
1.6.4 Sole Source Contracts. The legal requirement for public announcement is "to assure the
broadest publicity concerning Government A/E se&e procurement" and thereby ensure a high
level of competition in the award of A-E contracts. However, when there is no competition
(e.g., when only one A-E firm responds to a synopsis), sole source contracting procedures are
followed. Sole source contract awards exceeding $100,000 require PACNAVFACENGCOM
approval; sole source contract awards exceeding $1,000,000 require NAVFACENGCOM
1.6.5. Non-Appropriated Funded (NAF) Contracts. Procurement of NAF A-E contracts was
previously exempted from the Brooks Act procedures. In FY 93, NAVFACENGCOM rescinded
the exemption and required full implementation of Brooks Act procedures for all NAF A-E
contracts. NAF activities include the Navy Exchange/Commissary and all Morale, Welfare and
Recreation (MWR) activities, including the clubs, bowling alleys, golf courses, restaurants and
other food concessions, swimming pools, etc.
To provide appropriate recognition for outstanding performance and design, the Navy
participates in the A-E awards program. The general criteria for awards' selection is as follows.
a. Appropriate Design. The designed solution conformed to all appropriate
Department of Defense and Department of the Navy criteria; while
satisfying the both the customer's needs and funding constraints.
b. Cost Effectiveness. The construction contract award amount did not
exceed the programmed budget authorization.
c. Low Change Order Rate. The number of modifications issued under the
construction contract was below the NAVFAC average.
d. Mission Support, The constructed design adequately met the customer's
mission requirements and stated needs.
e. Quality Control. Construction contract documents (i.e., drawings and
specifications) clearly indentified the work to be performed. The
drawings and specifications were complete, concise and well coordinated
among the various disciplines.
f. Timely Design Effort. The design was completed within the contracted


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