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2.2.1 Precedence. In the event of discrepancy between the "Scope," and this guide or any
referenced publication, the provisions of the "Scope" shall govern to the extent of the
2.2.2 Modifications. Refer to FAR CLAUSE 52.243-l. The Contracting Officer is solely
responsible for awarding an A-E contract and authorizing any contract modifications, including
"Scope" changes. The Government is not obligated to pay for any services performed by the
A-E outside of the contracted "Scope of Work." Specifically, this applies to work performed
by the A-E in response to direction provided by Government personnel, including, but not
limited to PDEs, EICs, program managers, and customer activity personnel (military officers
and enlisted personnel; civilian engineers; shop workers; etc.).
In the course of providing authorized services, the A-E may become aware of additional work
or services that need to be provided to successfully accomplish the full intent of the project. Or
the A-E may receive clarification of customer requirements within the general scope of the
project and will be required to make necessary adjustments to the type and quantity of services
to be performed. In such situations when the A-E desires additional compensation, the A-E is
requested to provide a formal description of and a justification for the additional work.  If
appropriate and funding is available, the Contracting Officer will negotiate a modification to the
Prior to negotiation and award of the contract, the A-E shall designate an individual who will
be directly responsible for, and can be contacted locally (within Japan) by telephone, on all
matters pertaining to the contract. This individual must have full authority to negotiate final
scope and fees for the A-E firm. The Contracting Officer, in turn, will designate the PDE
assigned to the contract. All matters relating to the execution or administration of the awarded
contract should be directed to the PDE.
Upon receipt of a contract signed and executed by the Contracting Officer, the A-E is given
authority to proceed with the contract. Conference agreements and verbal commitments are
tentative until confirmed in writing by the Contracting Officer.
2.4.1 Authorized Contracting Officers. For OICC FE, the OICC (Code 00), the Deputy
OICC (Code 90), the Director and the Branch Managers of the Contracts Department (Code 02)
are authorized Contracting Officers.
The basic criteria to be used in the preparation of drawings, specifications and cost estimates are
contained in Military Handbook (Mil-Hdbk) 1006/1, Policy and Procedures for Project Drawing
and Specification Preparation. Technical direction and standards for design are contained in a
series of NAVFAC Design Manuals (DM) and Military Handbooks. The complete list, of
Manuals and Handbooks are listed in Appendix E. Design Manuals, Military Handbooks and


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