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other referenced manuals, instructions and materials are available at and may be furnished on
a loan basis from OICC FE. Standard references, textbooks, commercial and industry standard
information, etc., are not available for loan from OICC FE.
All available information at OICC FE, relating to the existing site conditions will be made
available to the A-E for inspection at the OICC FE plan files and reproduction area. The OICC
FE plan files and reproduction area (PWC Code 411) has maps, aerial photographs and nearly
all drawings (either in full size or aperture card form) for facilities or facility repair projects
constructed after 1945. As-built drawings for waterfront facilities, drydocks and underground
P.O.L. pipelines and storage facilities constructed prior to 1945 are scarce, if at all available.
It is the A-E's responsibility to thoroughly familiarize himself with the existing site conditions
and research all available information.
Because of the large number of available drawings, the A-E is advised that the plans search may
take hours as opposed to minutes and may require several visits. OICC FE will make
reproduction facilities available to the A-E to duplicate all drawings that the A-E has determined
to be useful.
Site information not available at OICC FE may be available at the cognizant field activity.
2.6.1 A-E Verification of Information Obtained. The A-E shall evaluate and validate all
information obtained from the Government (e.g., from existing drawings and verbal or written
information provided by Government personnel). Moreover, the A-E shall obtain all additional
field information that is required to completely characterize the existing conditions, as related
to the project to be designed.
Failure to include pertinent existing field conditions which were visible or whose existence could
be determined from existing drawings will be considered an A-E deficiency. Under FAR
Clause, "Responsibility of the Architect-Engineer Contractor," the A-E will be required to
correct all drawings, specifications and the cost estimates without additional compensation.
(Additional) construction costs resulting from A-E omissions and errors will be processed, by
the Government, as an A-E liability claim against the A-E.
2.6.2 Exposure of Existing Work. If, while conducting the site investigation, the A-E
determines that exposure of existing sub-surface structures is necessary, the A-E shall indicate
the locations where such exposure is required.  Normally, accomplishment will be by the
Government; in certain situations, the A-E may be requested to accomplish the work. If
accomplished by the A-E, the work shall proceed only upon written notification by the
Contracting Officer.


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