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2.7.1 Gate Passes. Procedures for obtaining gate passes for A-E personnel and vehicles will
vary, depending upon the military installation where entry is desired. The A-E is requested to
coordinate all pass requirements with the PDE assigned to the contract.
The general instructions regarding obtaining passes for the various military installations and
controlled areas are provided in Appendix F.
2.7.2 Classified Material. Instructions for obtaining clearances to handle classified material
or visit classified areas will be issued, upon request, on an as-needed basis.
2.8.1 Contact with Government Activities. Conferences with the Staff Civil Engineer (SCE)
or Public Works Officer (PWO) shall be conducted as required to obtain basic design data. The
PDE will make appropriate arrangements for the first (pre-design) meeting, at which time the
"Scope" and schedule of performance will be discussed. Subsequent meetings, if required, shall
be arranged by the A-E, with appropriate PDE notification. Written minutes for all A-E
conferences with the SCE or PWO personnel, including telephone conversations during which
design scope, design concept and project cost decisions are made shall be forwarded to the PDE
within a timeframe previously agree to or as specified in the contract.
Prior to commencing any site work, the A-E shall obtain the approval of the activity SCE or
PWO to conduct site investigations, facility surveys, soils sampling and testing, etc. Upon
completion of the work, the A-E shall notify the SCE or PWO to that effect.
2.8.2 Contact with Public Utilities and Private Property Owners. Except as described by
the "Scope" or as authorized, in writing, by the Contracting Officer, the A-E shall not contact
or supply information to any public utility organization or individual and/or private property
owner. COMNAVFORJAPAN will make all contacts regarding these matters, including the
obtaining of permits for the A-E's entry to private property.
The A-E shall conduct all soils investigations required by the "Scope." Complete reports of
soils investigations, including specific interpretations and recommendations shall be included in
the "Basis of Design." Soils investigations shall be conducted in accordance with Section 6 of
this Guide.
In situations where a soils investigation is not required by the "Scope" and the A-E considers
it in the best interest of the project to conduct a soils investigation, the A-E shall inform the
PDE to that effect.


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