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The A-E shall conduct field surveys to comply with the requirements of the contract. In
general, such surveys may include topographic site surveys, alignment surveys, profiles and
cross sections. Site surveys shall be in sufficient detail to permit an accurate identification of
finish grades and to show all existing structures, pavements, utility lines, obstructions, etc.,
within the project scope.
The A-E shall obtain and incorporate into the design, information regarding drainage areas,
connections to existing roads, sizes and locations of existing utilities and. the data needed to
establish the points of connection for project utilities.
Refer to Military Handbook 1005 for field survey requirements necessary to support
Geotechnical Investigations.
2.10.1 Survey Points. When required by the "Scope," the A-E shall set a sufficient number
of semi-permanent survey points to serve as initial horizontal and vertical survey control
references for the construction of the project. The horizontal control points and bench marks
shall be recorded in the survey field book and shall be shown and described on the drawings.
Likewise, elevation datum points shall be recorded in the survey field book and shall be shown
on the drawings.
2.10.2 Use of Existing Maps and Survey Data. If maps or other survey data are furnished
by the Government, the A-E shall consider the information as furnished for assistance only. The
A-E shall field verify and, if appropriate, correct and update any information provided by the
Government. It is the responsibility of the A-E to ensure that the survey information used in
the preparation of drawings, specifications and the cost estimate are accurate and complete.
2.10.3 Survey Parties. Requests for survey party entry authorization shall be submitted to the
PDE at least five (5) working days prior to the start of the survey. Survey parties shall report
to the activity PWO, SCE or their designated representative prior to commencing any survey
work. Also, upon completion of the survey work and prior to leaving the activity, the survey
party shall notify this same Government individual that the survey has been completed.
OICC FE maintains a technical staff of architects and engineers who are available for
consultation on the problems unique to Navy shore station construction. Upon request by the
A-E, the PDE will schedule consultation conferences with members of the technical staff. The
following Branches, Divisions and Specialists are a part of OICC FE.
2.11.1 Design Division (PWC Code 400). Personnel in the following engineering disciplines
are available for consultation on technical matters.
Architectural Branch
Civil/Structural Branch
Mechanical Branch


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