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All material for which clearance is desired shall be submitted in duplicate. During the bidding
period, the A-E shall refer all requests by prospective bidders for clarification or intent of the
drawings and specifications and all questions relative to estimated contract costs, bidding forms,
bonds and contract forms to the Contracts Division (Code 02) of OICC FE.
Normally, partial payments are made at the Preliminary (35%), Pre-Final (100%) and Final
stages of the design. Alternatively, partial payments will be made upon request by the A-E,
whenever a significant amount of the contracted services have been accomplished (e.g., site
investigations).  However, no more than one (1) invoice per month (per contract) will be
accepted by OICC FE for payment.  Payments will be made on the basis of the overall
percentage of completion, subject to a ten percent retention of the awarded contract amount.
Final payment will be made after:
1) the Final Submittal has been reviewed and accepted;
2) the A-E has submitted a properly executed Contractor's release; and
3) the A-E has returned all materials borrowed from the Government.
2.14.1 Invoice Procedure. An original and two (2) copies of NAVFAC Form 10-7300/41 and
the necessary supporting information sheets (OICC FE 10-7300), "Contractor's Invoice" shown
in Appendix C, shall be submitted for payment. The PDE will furnish blank forms upon request
by the A-E.
A Contractor's release will be required for final payment. Upon completion of the contract
work, an original and one (1) copy of NAVFAC Form 4330/7, "CONTRACTOR'S RELEASE,"
shall be completed and submitted with the required number of copies of the Contractor's Invoice
and Contract Performance Statement for final payment. The Contractor's Release form shall
be properly executed and all copies shall be appropriately signed. A sample of a completed
Contractor's Release form is shown in Appendix C.


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