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c. Scaled floor plans and drawings (may be freehand). Label all rooms/spaces and
major equipment. Include critical dimensions for rooms and equipment. Provide
brief descriptions of the mechanical and electrical systems proposed for the
facility. Include schematic duct layout.
d. Scaled single line building sections (may be freehand). Show floor to floor, floor to
roof and ceiling heights. Indicate materials and construction for floor, exterior walls
and roof. Indicate duct space for heating, ventilating and air conditioning
systems.  Indicate space requirements and locations of major electrical work.
Indicate (additional) facility utility requirements.
e. The fire protection system layout. Show all risers, mains and branches to ensure
compatibility with the architectural, structural, electrical and mechanical designs.
f. Scaled single line building elevations. Indicate materials, finish, etc., of the building
g. Perspective sketches.
h. Order of magnitude cost estimate.
3.1.3 Preliminary (35%) Submittal. The Preliminary Submittal shall include the following
as specified in the "Scope."
a. Drawings
b. Outline Specifications (need not be in final typed form)
c. Basis of Design (including -Design Calculations)
d. Preliminary Cost Estimates
e. Soils Investigation Report
f. Fire Protection Design Analysis
g. Review Requirements Checklist
3.1.4 Pre-Final (100%) Submittal. The Pre-Final Submittal shall be complete and ready for
construction contract bidding and shall include the following as specified in the "Scope."
a. Working Drawings, complete with NAVFAC and PWC Drawing Numbers.
b. Specifications, typed in final form with all required sections


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