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Government reviews do not relieve the A-E of the responsibility for the technical adequacy of
the plans (drawings) and specifications. (Refer to the Contract Clause "TECHNICAL
ADEQUACY.") A-E professional design performance includes preparation of a complete and
accurate set of drawings, specifications, cost estimates, etc.  In certain situations, the
Government may comment on the technical aspect of the A-E's work. Satisfactory resolution
of the comment and complete responsibility for the technical adequacy of the resulting drawings
and specifications remain with the A-E.
The Government will not provide a checking service, for the A-E. The A-E shall check all
elements of his work prior to submission for Government review. Inadequate submittals will
be returned to the A-E for additional work without an allowance for increased design time or
3.3.1 Time Required for Review. Government review time for each submittal will be
indicated in the "Scope." Review comments returned to the A-E beyond the time limit indicated
in the "Scope" will be cause for a day-for-day extension of time to the A-E on all future
3.3.2 Form of Review. Government comments will be made on the submittals (i.e., marked-up
drawings, specifications, cost estimates, etc., will be provided to the A-E) and summarized on
Refer to Appendix B for a sample form. Normally, each engineering discipline will review and
mark-up a different copy of the submittal; on occasion, two (2) or more disciplines may
comment on the same copy of the submittal.
3.3.3 Value Engineering (VE). The Government will conduct a VE team study on the
Preliminary Design Submittal on projects with Estimated Construction Costs (ECC) in excess
of $200,000. The VE studies will be conducted by a team of in-house OICC FE staff personnel
trained in VE technology.
The purpose of the VE program is to improve the cost performance of the project while retaining
the essential functional aspects of the project.
In response to the VE recommendations, the A-E is required to review and comment on the
study report and to participate in the decision to accept and implement or reject the various VE
Significant additional redesign effort needed to incorporate accepted VE
alternatives will be accomplished as a modification to the A-E contract.
The A-E shall evaluate the various review comments and incorporate, in the next submittal, any
comments for which (A-E) concurrence is given.
When the intent or meaning of a comment is unclear or comments between reviewers are not
consistent or compatible, the A-E shall notify the PDE and ask for clarification.


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