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PCAS to be performed by the A-E are usually requested after the award of a construction
contract.  Normally the level of effort and the associated A-E fees for these services are
negotiated together with the project design and engineering services fees. The "Scope" will
indicate the PCAS to be requested after award of the construction contract. If for some reason
(e.g., project cancellation) the construction contract is not awarded, a deductive modification to
the awarded A-E contract will be initiated and executed.
4.1.1 A-E Communications During Construction. Direct communication between the A-E
and the OICC, the ROICC or their designated representatives is authorized only for the services
that have been awarded (with the basic A-E contract), as indicated in the "Scope." Direct
communication between the A-E and the construction contractor is strictly prohibited, unless
authorized by the OICC or his designated representative. If the construction contractor contacts
the A-E without prior authorization by the OICC or ROICC, the A-E shall refer the construction
contractor to the OICC or ROICC. The A-E shall submit to the ROICC, with a copy to the
PDE, a written report of the communication with the construction contractor, within five (5)
working days following the contact. The report shall include the purpose and persons involved
in the discussions; the date, time and place of the discussions; a summary of the discussions that
took place and any agreements that were made.
4.2.1 Review of Submittals. As required by the "Scope," the A-E shall review and make
recommendations for approval, revision or disapproval of the construction contractor's shop
drawings, samples or literature submitted for approval. The time allowed for each review will
normally be ten (10) working days unless otherwise indicated on the transmittal. The ten
working days includes mailing or delivery time. Reviews shall be expedited to not delay the
construction contractor.
The procedure for submittal reviews will be as follows. ROICC Action. The ROICC will forward three (3) or more copies of the transmittal
sheet, OICC FAR EAST 4330 (4-83), or the construction contractor's transmittal sheet together
with the three (3) or more copies of the submittal to the A-E.


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