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recommended. Identify which section, paragraph, standard, code, etc., of the specification or
which section, detail, etc., on the drawings of the contract documents that the submittal does not
conform to.
In the event that the contractor submits, for approval, material and equipment which does not
meet the contract requirements, the A-E shall furnish the following additional information to the
a. An indication whether the substitution is of equal, better or lesser quality than the
construction contract requirements.
b. If of lesser quality, the difference in value.
c. If of equal or better quality, the advantages to the Government for accepting the
substitution at no change in contract price.
4.2.2 Consultation Services. When providing consultation services in accordance with the
awarded A-E contract, the A-E shall prepare a written report (i.e., minutes) indicating the date,
time and location at which each such service was provided. A separate report shall be submitted
for each instance in which consultation services were provided. The report shall also include
the name(s) and title(s) of all A-E, Government and Contractor personnel in attendance; a
description of the problem that required A-E consultation; a summary of the discussions
conducted; any conclusions reached and the recommended course of action; and the resulting
impact on the construction time and cost.
It is recommended that the A-E maintain a permanent file of all such reports. (NOTE: The A-E
is required to submit documentation of the consultation provided, together with the invoice for
such services; such a file will support the documentation submitted.)
PCAS Consultation Services are usually negotiated and awarded with each delivery order. The
PDE is the Contracting Officer's representative in matters relating to the administration of the
contract. The A-E is to provide Consultation Services as requested by the PDE. Except for the
Contracting Officer, no other Government representative is authorized to request such services.
In addition, it is the A-E's responsibility to inform the PDE when the quantity of services
requested by the PDE exceeds the quantity awarded.
Finally, Consultation Services are paid only when the A-E is requested to provide consultation;
the A-E provides the requested consultation; the A-E submits an invoice with the necessary
supporting information; and the invoice is verified by the PDE. A deductive modification to the
A-E contract will be initiated when Consultation Services are not provided or cannot be verified. Designer to ROICC Conference. When included in the "Scope," the A-E shall
participate in a Designer to ROICC Conference. A-E participation will usually be requested for
large dollar amount, technically complex or high visibility projects. During the conference, the


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