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The Basis of Design (often referred to as the "Basis") contains information about the project
design; the criteria, codes and references that were utilized in the design process; and any
supporting technical and/or economic justifications for deviations from standard
architectural/engineering practice, criteria, codes or publications referenced by the "Scope." The
Basis also provides a description of pertinent site information and any special requirement or
circumstance which may affect the design/construction of the project. Review of the Basis
provides the Government with the opportunity to determine whether the A-E developed project
is in conformance with established Navy and Department of Defense criteria and is within the
authorized scope and funding.
The Basis shall be a bound, indexed presentation of facts that fully describe all aspects of the
project design.
The information that the A-E shall include in the Basis are described in the paragraphs starting
with paragraph 5.2.2 Design Criteria.
Technical direction and standards for design are contained in MIL-HDBK-1190, "Facility
Planning and Design Guide" and in a series of DoD Military Handbooks and NAVFAC Design
Manuals (refer to Appendix E for the current listing). The A-E shall cite all criteria used in the
preparation of the Basis of Design.
5.2.1 Availability of Criteria Documents Construction Criteria Base (CCB). The National Institute of Building Sciences, in
cooperation with the DoD, has produced a commercially available system of electronic databases
containing private sector, military and other federal construction agencies' guide specifications,
technical manuals, standards, cost estimating programs, etc. The CCB uses optical disc
(CD-ROM) technology and is available on an annual subscription basis. Additional information
about the CCB information system, the computer hardware and operating system software
required to use the system and the major beneficial features of the system, together with a
subscription order form are included in Appendix H. Department of Navy Documents. Hard copies of DoD Military Handbooks, NAVFAC
Design Manuals and Instructions and other Navy command design policies and standards
referenced in the "Scope" are available on a loan basis from OICC FE. Standard references,
textbooks and commercial and industry standards are not available for loan.


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