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5.4.7 Airfield Pavements. Provide any supporting information and calculations together with
the descriptions of the following.
a. The soil conditions, together with an outline of the soils exploration and testing
b. The types of aircraft, wheel loading and all abnormal operating conditions.
c. All deviations from the Naval Air Systems Command planning standards and DM-21.
d. Design rainfall frequency and duration and the methods proposed for storm and
hangar deluge system drainage.
e. A general description of the lighting to be provided and the adequacy of existing
runway and taxiway regulator capacities. Disposal of Water Containing Fire Fighting Foam. Aircraft maintenance hangars must
incorporate fire fighting equipment which use fire fighting foam. Acceptable disposal of any
released foam includes:
1) disposal to a leaching pit or pond; and
2) if diluted to a concentration not exceeding 1:10,000, disposal to the station treatment
Nonacceptable methods of foam disposal include:
1) discharge through hangar doors, since the released water/foam may contain floating
flammables which would adversely affect fire fighting efforts; and
2) disposal to the ocean or any body of water, since the foam is harmful to marine life.
5.4.8 Dust and Erosion Control. In general, dust and erosion control shall be limited to areas
actually affected by the project construction.rovide a description of the affected areas, the
type of remedial treatment and all supporting information used to determine the extent of the
affected area and the method of treatment or control.
Architecturally, the goal of the design is to allocate functional space so as to efficiently and
effectively meet the operational needs of the user Activity.
5.5.1 General. Describe the materials proposed for the major items of construction such as
the roofing system, the type of windows and doors, the type of exterior and interior wall
finishes, the type of floors and/or coverings, the type of ceilings, etc.


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