Quantcast Floor Layout

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Custom Search Roofing systems shall be in accordance with MIL-HKBK-1011/l; the latest Sheet Metal
and Air Conditioning Contractors National Association, Incorporated Publication, "Architectural
Sheet Metal Manual;" and NAVFACENGCOM Roofing Design Criteria (refer to Appendix I). Avoid the use of metal pan construction under shower rooms, drying areas and other
"Wet Area" floors. Membrane pan construction is preferred. Finishes shall be described in a finish schedule. Interior and Exterior Color Schemes. Provide complete color selections for interior and
exterior surfaces and describe the basis for the selections. Use Federal Standard 595 for colors
where possible. Where not possible and for other colors or materials, use local trade standard
designations. Vapor Barrier Placement. In conjunction with the selection of the finishes for walls,
roofs, ceilings and floor, the A-E shall locate the vapor barriers to avoid moisture migration into
interior spaces and to prevent condensation within walls and ceiling spaces. Provide the results
of the temperature gradient/dew point analysis.
5.5.2 Floor Layout. Describe the floor and furniture layout plans as shown on the drawings.
Discuss circulation, wall space, etc., with regard to the intended functional use of the space. Area Tabulation.
a. Show the net floor area (square footage) for all identified rooms/areas.
b. Provide the rationale for deviating from the net floor areas indicated by the project
engineering documentation, Government criteria and approved concept design
5.5.3 Downspouts. For ease of maintenance, design downspouts that are mounted to the
exterior surface of the building; avoid designing interior downspouts or leaders. If interior
downspouts are the only solution, specify cast iron material.
5.5.4 Exterior Wall Surfaces. Avoid horizontal recesses and ledges where moisture may
The goal is to select structural systems and materials that are suitable for the type of facility
involved, capable of carrying the required loads and are compatible with the fire protection
requirements, as well as the architectural and functional design concepts.


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