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Custom Search Air Conditioning, Evaporative Cooling and Ventilation. In a manner similar to heating,
indicate the indoor and outdoor design conditions (temperature and relative humidity) on which
the design is based and include calculations of the "U" factors for building roofs, walls, ceilings
and floors. Also describe the type of cooling and ventilating system, including the air side and
water/refrigerant side system components, as applicable; the cooling medium; the method of air
circulation and a description of the terminal air devices. Design Calculations. Provide a complete set of cooling load calculations in the Basis.
Include with the calculations, a psychrometric chart plot of each system component containing
a cooling coil. Also provide a list of manufacturers' equipment that will satisfy the design
condition requirements. Ventilation. Identify the fresh air (outdoor air) ventilation quantities required by the
specified criteria and the methods to be used to achieve the required ventilation. Industrial Ventilation. Provide calculations in the format outlined in the latest
edition of the American Conference of Government Industrial Hygienists Industrial Ventilation
Manual. Control System. Indicate the type of temperature control system to be used, such as
electric, pneumatic and electronic. The A-E shall utilize control systems which are simple to
operate, maintain and "trouble shoot." The A-E is referred to NAVPAC Guide Specifications
Sections 15971 and 15972.
5.7.2 Plumbing. Indicate quantities of plumbing fixtures, in accordance with occupancy
allowances for Navy shore facilities. Also indicate the type of materials proposed for water
pipe, soil pipe, vent stacks, etc. Use the fixture unit method to size supply and drain lines as
described by the applicable plumbing code (e.g., National Standard Plumbing Code).
Indicate the type (electric, gas, fuel oil, etc) and the size (storage capacity and recovery rate)
of hot water heaters to be included in the project. Distribution Piping. The A-E shall locate distribution piping within the building
structure and conceal it whenever possible. Eliminate, or if not possible, minimize foundation
wall piping penetrations.
5.7.3 Cold Storage Refrigeration. Indicate the areas to be refrigerated; the specific use intended for each area; the design
temperatures to be maintained in each space; and the outdoor design dry and wet bulb
temperatures. Indicate the type and thickness of insulation to be applied to the walls, floor, and ceiling
of the refrigerated spaces. Also describe the space conditions under which the insulation can
be applied and discuss any special requirements (e.g., ventilation) that must be met with regard
to safety and health of the installing personnel. Identify the type and capacity of the refrigeration equipment to be used.


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