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5.10.5 Fire Protection Systems. Describe, as appropriate the type of protection included in
the design. Automatic Sprinklers. For sprinkling systems, indicate the type (e.g., wet, dry,
deluge) of system required by criteria. The requirement shall be based upon the type of
construction (i.e., height, area, exposures, etc.) and hazard classification (e.g., light, ordinary,
extra hazardous). Special Extinguishing Method.  Discuss, as appropriate, the following: carbon
dioxide, water spray and dry chemical; automatic or manual; hose stream or piped system; total
flooding, local application or spot protection; automatic or manual alarm, evacuation alarm,
telegraphic, radio or telephonic fire alarm notification; single zone or cross zone coverage
detection system.
Design in accordance with DM-22.
5.11.1 For projects involving the installation of gas distribution piping, provide a description
of the following.
a. The type and location of and the available pressure at the point of connection
(takeoff) from the existing supply pipeline.
b. The type of materials proposed for pipes and valves.
c. The proposed distribution pressure. Indicate all requirements for pressure reducing
stations; indicate the proposed locations.
5.11.2 Liquid Petroleum Products. Provide a description of the following.
a. The type of system, including the main features of the system. Indicate the type of
materials proposed for pipes, valves, tanks, etc.
b. The unloading/receiving facilities, for tank trucks, etc.
c. The design basis for the storage capacity, pumping rate and the number of dispensing
d. The electrical power requirements and the source of the required power.
e. A complete pressure drop analysis, with the calculations computed for the
required/designed flow rates. `For complicated systems, such as hydrant fueling
systems, provide operating instructions and check list procedures that will allow an
operator to determine whether or not the system is operating correctly.


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