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5.12.1 System Concepts. Indicate the type and include a description of the proposed system.
Identify the equipment capable of performing the desired functions, any special coordination
necessary to achieve the required overall system performance and any novel proposed technique.
5.12.2 Equipment. Indicate the equipment to be utilized and describe the following.
a. Government furnished equipment; identify new equipment and existing equipment to
be relocated.
b. Commercially available items.
c. Special site or location considerations.
d. Antenna type, separation, mounting height and method, aircraft obstruction marking,
foundation and grounding.
e. Type of transmission line; method of installation, termination, switching, etc.
5.12.3 Basic Requirements. Describe the basic requirements for the communication/electronic
system. As a minimum, include a description of the following.
a. Radio circuit requirements, including the number of circuits and frequencies to be
used. Where radio transmission is involved, provide transmission characteristics in
the format required by Commander U.S. Forces, Japan.
b. Wiring circuits required, identifying those for voice, remote control, data
transmission applications, etc.
c. Radio frequency bonding and grounding requirements.
d. Equipotential grounding system; lightning protection.
e. Radio frequency shielding requirements; proposed type of shielding enclosure;
filtering of circuits, etc.
f. Proposed method of interconnecting equipment. Describe security requirements,
specifically where wires/cables extend into or out of classified areas.
g. Equipment layout, including location for racks, consoles, patch panels, distribution
frames, etc.
h. Power and lighting requirements, including emergency or no-break supply and
proposed method of supply and distribution of special voltages and frequencies.
Indicate demand load of electronic equipment.


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