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i. Air conditioning requirements for the equipment. Indicate equipment temperature
and relative humidity setpoints and the tolerable operating range.
j. For radar installations, indicate azimuth of coverage. Also indicate special
precautionary measures recommended to ensure compliance with mandated levels of
personnel safety, while minimizing interference with other station operations.
5.12.4 Telecommunication, Signal, Telemetric Systems. Describe the type and arrangement
of telephone, signal, telemetry and fire alarm systems, including a statement describing the
number of spare conductors available. Indicate source and connections to existing systems.
Determine current local telephone utility company criteria regarding manholes, ducts, etc.
5.12.5 Prewiring. Identify prewiring requirements.
5.13.1 Soils Information. Provide results of soil:
a. resistivity measurements;
b. pH tests;
c. composition tests, including normal moisture content and seasonal variations; and
d. structure to soil electric potential measurements where protection is to be provided
or where buried test specimens are provided.
5.13.2 Other. When cathodic protection systems are to be installed in areas known to be
occupied by underground utility systems, provide the results of a cathodic interference survey
on all such systems.
5.14.1 Landscaping. The goal is to enhance the integration of the proposed facilities with the
surrounding environment. Additional constraints include: low maintenance costs; selection of
plants native to the region; use of plantings to achieve functional area definition, privacy and
visual screening; use of plantings to control noise, soil erosion, sunlight exposure; and use of
plantings to modify wind currents. Indicate by sketch the configuration and type of trees, shrubs and other plantings. Indicate how the proposed landscaping plan will conform to the Activity's master plan
for landscaping. If no master plan is available, indicate how the proposed landscaping plan is
consistent with local area practices. Identify how the proposed landscaping plan will save existing trees and shrubs,


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