Quantcast Section 6. Soils Investigation,Field Survey,Color Renderings and Interior Design Services

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Engineering studies and miscellaneous engineering services contracts cover a wide range of
technical disciplines. General requirements for these contracts are usually the same as for design
services contracts. Various NAVFAC design manuals, military handbooks, publications and
instructions provide the necessary guidance. The specific publications, the extent of services
required, schedule of submittals, etc., will normally be contained in the "Scope." The A-E shall
conduct the engineering services, requested in conjunction with the project design, as described
in the following paragraphs. The A-E shall include, in the Basis, information obtained while
(or derived from) performing the Engineering Services conducted, Include, as applicable, the
Provide data/information regarding all surface and subsurface soil conditions for the project site.
Evaluate the data and provide recommendations regarding foundation designs available for use
in the project. When earthwork is expected to be a major item of cost in the project, the soils
investigation report shall also indicate unit cost (and overall cost) information relating to the
proposed earthwork to be accomplished. The general requirements for soils mechanics are
described in NAVFAC Design Manuals, DM-5, DM-7 and DM-21 or the latest Military
Handbooks regarding this subject.
6.2.1 Subsurface Investigation. Conduct soil testing in accordance with standard ASTM
methods. Prior to conducting any subsurface investigation, review all soils investigation reports
previously prepared for (other) projects in the general location of the project. In determining
boring locations, consider factors such as:  area geology; historical information regarding
seismic activity; area precipitation characteristics; available soil surface, subsurface bedrock and
ground water information; surface drainage patterns; historical record of subsidence and
upheaval; and potential requirements for slope stabilization. Whenever possible, perform at
least one (1) soil boring within the "footprint" of the project structure.
The A-E shall ensure that the quantity and depth of the borings to be performed are sufficient
to allow selection of an appropriate foundation system for the structure to be designed. Boring Records. Maintain a complete record of each hole. Include the following
a. Information to identify the boring sample, such as the project title, A-E contract
number, the date on which the boring was conducted, the name of the company
conducting the boring, etc.
b. A complete driving record for the casing and sampler that indicates the number of
blows per foot (or the fraction of a foot penetration per blow); the weight and height
of fall of the hammer used for driving the casing; the weight and height of fall of the


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