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e. Preparing the furniture, furnishings and collateral equipment procurement "Buy
Package" that includes a cover sheet, a cost summary of the items to be procured
("Buy List"), suppliers summary sheets ("Bill of Materials") and
furniture/furnishing/equipment specification (supporting data) sheets. Since the latter
two (2) documents are used, as submitted by the A-E, to actually procure the items
identified, the Bill of Materials and supporting data sheets must and shall provide
every detail needed by the ordering organization to correctly identify the desired
item. Therefore, the A-E shall indicate stock numbers, descriptions, quantities,
prices, colors, finishes, fabrics, etc., for each item on the Buy List. In addition, the
cost summary shall include and separately identify delivery costs to the job site or
other location indicated in the "Scope.'
In selecting furniture/furnishings/equipment, select items such that delivery and
installation can be reasonably accomplished prior to the beneficial occupancy date
(BOD) indicated in the "Scope."
f. In response to changes in requirements, updating and making appropriate substitutions
at the time of purchase.  Providing advisory services, as requested, due to
requirement changes.
g. Approving shop drawings and samples submitted by suppliers.
h. Supervising the installation and placement of furniture and furnishings.
i. Conducting special presentations as indicated in the "Scope."
6.6.2 Mandatory Procurement Sources. The Government has restrictive requirements for
selection of furniture, furnishings and other other collateral equipment and must generally
purchase items from mandatory sources. OICC FE Code 04 (PWC Code 400) will provide
information on mandatory procurement sources and other required information. Items not
purchased from mandatory sources will be purchased on the open market via bids from jobbers.
In either case, it is imperative that the A-E provide a complete description of the desired
collateral equipment, including all of the general and unique characteristics. In these situations,
proprietary names can only be used for descriptive purposes. Obtain approval from the
Contracting Officer (via the PDE) prior to inserting proprietary names.
The preparer of the final collateral equipment buy package must fully justify the procurement
of other than the lowest cost items which will satisfy the end user's requirements. The
justification must include information relating to the specific user and activity mission
requirements and program objectives.


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