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b. Date.
c. Department of Defense certificate serial number.
d. Name of certificate holder (printed).
e. Signature of certificate holder.
Final drawings shall be complete with Pre-Final (100%) Government review comments
Prepare drawings on 34 x 22 (D-Size) standard tracing sheets unless directed otherwise by the
Contracting Officer. Refer to Appendix N for an example of a standard drawing sheet, title
block and sample revision block.
Use uppercase lettering. Vertical lettering is preferred.  Lettering shall be plain, free of
adornment and shall be clearly legible. The minimum size lettering on project drawings shall
be 4 mm high. Since the drawings are reproduced half-size for bidding purposes, lettering less
than 4 mm high is difficult to read following reduction.
7.8.1 Uniformity. Utilize scales large enough to clearly show all details when the drawings
are reduced to half-size. Also utilize scales that will allow a viewer of the reduced drawings to
clearly differentiate new work from existing conditions. For civil work, when in doubt, the A-E
shall request PDE assistance in determining the appropriate scales to be used. For different
details of the same or similar type of work, utilize the same scale. To maintain the same scale,
if it is necessary to do so, divide the plan of large buildings into two or more sheets and provide
appropriate key plans and match lines.
7.8.2 Graphic Scales. Refer to Appendix O for architectural, engineering and metric types of
graphic scales; the scales shown in these examples are not to scale. Provide drawings with
graphic scales located immediately to the left of the title block, with the words, "Graphic Scales"
directly over the scales.
7.8.3 English System.
a. Floor Plans and Elevations. l/4 or l/8 inch = 1 foot, except that mechanical
drawings showing air conditioning ductwork and areas receiving extensive piping
work shall be drawn at a scale not less than l/4 inch per foot. Mechanical drawings


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