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In the "DESCRIPTION" column, list the revision subscript number and a brief
explanation of the revision. List all subscript numbers and provide descriptions for
all revisions.
Example. The first set of drawing changes contains seven (7) revisions. The format
of the "LTR" and "DESCRIPTION" columns shall be as follows.
1, 2 Revise gutter details. 3,4,5 Revise road
10 May 94
alignment between Stations 1 +00 and 5+00. 6,7
Add guy wires to poles.
Provide an Index of Drawings on the cover/title sheet of the drawings. List the drawings
according to discipline, Civil, Architectural, Structural, Mechanical and Electrical. The Civil
drawings shall include information pertaining to topographic land surveys and survey control
points, civil demolition, grading, drainage, paving, utilities (water, sewer, steam, electricity,
etc.) mains, erosion control, landscaping and irrigation/sprinkler systems.
Arrange drawings in the order listed below. A cover sheet with onlv the title and location of
the project is neither desired nor required.
a. Title Sheet and Index of Drawings (applicable only to large projects with a substantial
number of drawings).
b. Location, Vicinity and Site Maps and Plot Plan. For projects with a small number
of drawings, the project title and Index of Drawings shall be included on this sheet.
c. Civil drawings.
d. Landscape and irrigation (sprinkler system) drawings.
e. Architectural drawings (including interior design).
f. Structural drawings.
g. Mechanical drawings.
h. Electrical drawings.
i. Communications drawings.


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