Quantcast Section 8. Project Contract Specifications

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A well-written specification will have the following characteristics.
a. The specification will clearly and concisely specify all materials indicated on the
drawings and will use terminology which is consistent with terminology indicated on
the drawings.
b. The specification will clearly define and precisely express the responsibilities of the
Contractor. The specification will contain requirements which can be quantified,
measured and directly verified by Government personnel.
c. The specification will not contain (erroneous) references to materials, supplies,
equipment or methods which are not included in or related to the project.
d. The specification will also not contain vague words, phrases and expressions, such
as accurate, high quality or first class workmanship; workmanship of the highest
grade; good working order; . . . shall be straight and true; etc. Such words are
vague, not quantifiable without further explanation and therefore unenforceable.
e. The specification will appropriately, as well as adequately, describe the minimum
needs of the Government.
Exaggerated Example.
1) It would not be appropriate to utilize ten (10) pages of specifications to identify
the requirements for say, a concrete transformer pad.
2) It would not be adequate to use one (passing) paragraph to indicate the method
of hazardous waste removal.
The A-E shall be fully accountable for the quality, accuracy and technical adequacy of the
specifications. Project contract specifications shall clearly and concisely describe the material
and workmanship requirements of the project construction contract. Specifications shall indicate
essential Government needs and describe all conditions which may affect the construction of the
project.  In addition, specifications shall provide a mechanism for assuring the quality of
workmanship and materials during construction.
Prior to preparing project specifications, the A-E specification writer and other personnel
responsible for preparing the project specifications shall review and understand the contents of
this manual. In addition, since guide specifications are frequently updated, the A-E is advised
to contact the PDE regarding updates prior to preparation of the first specification submittal.
Refer to Appendix P and Mil-Hdbk-1006/l for more detailed instructions on the preparation of
project specifications.


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