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e. Inspection and tests.
f. Quality control for workmanship and material.
The specification writer shall review the drawings to assure that all materials and systems shown
on the drawings have been included in the specifications and that all requirements to accomplish
the work are adequately indicated.
In certain circumstances, a simple detail, section or note on the drawings can more clearly
describe the designers' intent rather than a long, and often times, confusing specification
paragraph. The A-E is encouraged to provide such information on the drawings whenever
In coordinating the specification with the drawings, the A-E. shall:
Avoid duplication between the drawings and specifications. The terminology used on the drawings shall be consistent with the terminology used in
the specifications. Cross-reference to Drawings. Minimize use of the add-on phrases such as "as shown,
as indicated, as detailed on the drawings". Such terms do not add or provide any additional
information, since the drawings are already a part of the contract. If it is necessary to use one
of these phrases, the A-E shall ensure that the information referenced is, in fact, on the drawings
and is correctly specified.
8.1.4 Cross-referencing within Specifications. To Other Sections. Minimize cross-referencing from one section to another in the
specifications. Use cross-referencing only to: 1) clarify the relationship of the requirements
within or between sections; and 2) avoid repetition of the same requirement in different sections. To Paragraphs. Minimize cross-referencing to paragraphs within the specifications.
When necessary to do so, use the following wording, " . . . the paragraph entitled . . ." The
A-E shall cross-reference to the paragraph number and title; the A-E shall not cross-reference
to only the paragraph number or title.
8.1.5 Unrestricted Bidding.  Specifications shall identify the minimum materials and
installation requirements of the Government.  Specifications shall be written to encourage
maximum free competition in bidding. Therefore, the A-E shall not include unnecessarily
restrictive requirements for materials or installation methods.
8.1.6 Proprietary Specifications. In general, it is Government policy that specifications
requirements not be overly restrictive or proprietary in nature, so as to limit competition.
Therefore, specifications shall be written to permit bidding by any supplier whose materials or


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