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Custom Search Warranty Clauses. A quote from NAVFAC P-68, Part 46.7, is as follows, "Past
experience has established that warranties increase contract costs while not significantly
increasing the ability of the Government to obtain corrective action or reimbursement for
obtaining corrective action from other sources than the Contractor."  Therefore, it is
NAVFACENGCOM policy to not include special warranty provisions beyond the standard one
year term. If, however, warranty beyond the standard one-year period contained in the contract
clauses is considered vital, the A-E shall specify a longer warranty period. Do not use the word
"guarantee" in place of the word "warranty."
NAVFACENGCOM Guide Specifications (NFGS) and other specifications and standards are
listed in Military Bulletin 34, Engineering and Design Criteria for Navy Facilities. The NFGS
shall be the primary basis for developing all project specifications.
8.2.1 NFGS. The NFGS specifications define and establish the minimum criteria for
construction, materials and workmanship. The NFGS was developed for medium to large
projects.  The NFGS is in compact disk, read-only-memory (CD-ROM) format in the
Construction Criteria (Data) Base (CCB). Subscriptions to the CCB are available from the
National Institute of Building Sciences (NIBS). Refer to Appendix H. Tailoring. The A-E shall edit and revise the NFGS as necessary to 1) suit the work to
be accomplished under the construction contract and 2) reflect the latest proven technology,
materials and construction methods. For Special Projects involving existing structures, the A-E
shall also clearly and completely describe the existing conditions. PWC Yokosuka Guide Specifications. At PWC Yokosuka, the NFGS has been adapted
for use in Japan.  The A-E shall use the Yokosuka Guide Specifications or other locally
prepared specification provided by the PDE as the basis for preparing project specifications.
The Yokosuka Guide Specification is also found in the CCB. Reference Documents. Refer to Appendix P, Section 2 for information regarding the
procurement of reference documents which are cited in the NFGS and not included in the CCB.
The specification shall be arranged in the following order.
a. Title Page.
b. Table of Contents.
c. Sections in numerical order following the 16 division format of the CSI.
12-pitch letter quality print shall be utilized.


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